Wednesday, 11 April 2012


tHrEe wAys tO fiGht tHe LoNeLiNess...

---> YOu need tO cOme intO sOcial circle that make yOu allOws tO cOmmunicate with Others and avOid yOu frOm direct alOof. YOu need tO gO and try tO cOmmunicate with peOple arOund yOu. If yOu feel difficult tO talk with them that time, yOu shOuld Only spend yOur time tO see their behaviOr. It is already sufficient cOmpared tO sit quietly alOne in yOur hOme. This is can help yOu tO fiGht yOur lOneliness.

---> Other than that, yOu alsO need tO dO sOmething tO make yOurself busy. One wAy tO knOw that yOu feel lOnely is yOur sleep always be disturbed, yOu Often wake up at middle Of night and feel sleepy during the day. Disrupted sleep can effect your mOod, easy tO get disease and will make yOu lOss yOur energy tO perfOrm daily activities. sO, it is way yOu shOuld sOlve yOur prOblem as sOon as pOssible.

---> yOu shOuld fine Out why yOu feel lOnely, is is tO make yOu easy tO sOlve yOu prOblem. maybe befOre this yOu already fOund a variety Of ways, but actually the prOblem nOt sOlve yet and in yOur heart yOu still feel the lOneliness. fOr example, yOu feel the lOneliness because yOu dOnt have an attentiOn frOm a man. the best sOlutiOn, yOu need tO build a friendship with a men tO help yOu reduce yOur lOneliness.

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