Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Trust in Your Relationship

Trust means to believe. I trust you, means I have no doubt in my mind about your honesty, integrity and credibility. No relationship can survive without trust. How to develop and keep the trust in a relationship forever, because as soon as the trust breaks, the relationship breaks. Trust is the foundation on which a relationship is built. If you don’t trust a person, howsoever you may love him/her, your relationship will not survive, because you have no trust in him/her.
Let us examine this little more. To begin with, every relationship begins with trust in each other. Without the initial trust, the relationship will not move in the beginning itself. In the beginning, one believes without much proof about the others character. It is love and some assessment of how trustworthy the person is. As the relationship grows, fissures start forming because of doubts about whether the other person can be trusted? Was he/she trustworthy from the beginning or was I fooled? Or is he/she changing now? This kind of doubtful thinking causes tremendous strain in a relationship and with the breaking of trust, the relationship breaks.How do you manage to build the trust in the earlier period is most important. The beginning can be very dangerous. What may arouse suspicion should be avoided at all the costs. If you have a suspicious partner, you need to be more careful. Small things such as if you are going out, inform where you are going and to meet whom? If there is a change in your mood, talk to your partner and talk about the reasons. If you are facing career problems, rather than hiding them, tell about them to your partner and seek support. Many a times, you will behave differently when you face career issues and that may make your partner think about all types of possibilities. Be open about everything. Your words and body language should be synchronous at all the times. Inform about everything and if not fully possible assure your partner that things are going differently and you are under pressure. Be open. Seek trust and you will get it.

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